Lia Sophia Jewlery Party

Our Hostess save plan
Our Hostess save plan
Hello all my name is Shannon and i am an Independent Adviser with Lia Sophia Jewelry and I have a favor to ask. I'm looking to build my business with Lia Sophia jewelry, and I'm looking to boom shows for October. With the holiday season coming what better way to get gifts for free or at a huge discount with our amazing hostess plan. If you book a show with me before Oct 18th i will gift you your hostess show item (any item in the book under $100 for just $15) for FREE at the night of your show!!

This is not a full time commitment. Its just a couple of hours one night. Get your friends together, have some drinks, try on/buy some awesome jewelry!!

Check the jewelry out at my site: www.liasophia.com/shanb

Thank you for your time!! Shannon
To contact me email me at shanb1185@yahoo.com


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