Downtown Eateries, Endicott Park: 'It's Home' for Broderick

Jill Broderick has lived in town most of her life and said she wouldn't think of leaving the town she calls home.

Name: Jill Broderick

Street: Hobart Street

Family: Ava, three years old

Occupation: A commercial lending representative at .

Hobbies: "I love doing things with my daughter, Ava.  I also enjoy cooking, baking, country concerts, hanging out with family and friends and playing cards.”

Favorite Book: "Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Movie: “Going the Distance”

Dream Vacation: Jill’s all time favorite place is sitting on the Island of St John.

Favorite Shop:

Favorite Eatery: Jill enjoys much of the local fare including , and but if she had to pick a favorite, she said it would be .

How long have you lived in Danvers: “Most of my life," she said. "My parents moved here when I was in second grade and other than a few years in between, I have remained here."

Why did you choose Danvers: "It’s home, it feels like home."

Where will people see you around town: "I can be seen at the playgrounds with Ava, downtown, at the mall and of course, the bank."

What would you like to see changed in town: "I would love to see the ."

Favorite Place:


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