Wolniewicz: Danvers Bred and Here He Stays

David Wolniewicz suffered a set back in his successful career due to an illness, but keeps a positive outlook on life with his soon-to-be therapy dog, Addie.

Name: David Wolniewicz

Street: Weeks Road

Family: Wife, Cat and children; Sarah, 18, Ben 12, and twins Robert and Jack, 10. Dave also loves his faithful companion, a black Labrador named Addie, 10 months.

Occupation: Dave's interesting 20+ years in the Navy started as a welder/firefighter, and later he became a technical consultant/architect. Dave worked on projects for companies including Lifeline (the, "I've fallen and I can't get up company."), Biztalk Framework for Wall Street, as well as Intel and Thomson Financial.

Dave started his own company in 2006 with his wife, HCM Technologies, LLC . "Human Capital Management" helped align companies corporate goals with employee training and education. Dave looked at the goals the company had and help reorganize them based of feedback and technology. Dave also worked with the MOC "Maritime Operation Centers" for the US Navy working with the Naval War College.

On February, 20, 2009, there was an oil spill in Dave's home and during the clean up process he ingested some chemical dust particles and has suffered severe neurological problems ever since. Dave is currently not able to work, but keeps a positive outlook on life and hopes to return to his business some day.

Hobbies and Interests: Dave's favorite hobby is traveling, having to do it quite often for work. Dave loves to cook and his home is filled with many different kinds of cook books. "I love to make stews and other things during the day so when the kids arrive home from school there is a good meal waiting for them." Dave is actively involved with Scouting and enjoys sharing that with his boys. Dave loves hiking and before getting sick, climbed all 46, 40,000 foot peaks in New England. Dave loves gardening and is very proud of his Japanese garden. He also enjoys his apple plum and peach trees and grape vines.

Favorite Book: Art of Seasonal Cooking by Perla Myers. "Its about cooking with local foods in their season." David has been doing seasonal cooking for many years.

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings "all of them!"

Favorite Store:

Favorite Eatery:

How long have you lived in Danvers: Forty-six years, except for his time in the Navy. Dave said when he was in the Navy, his buddies always joked with him about his talking about Danvers all the time. They said he would go home to Danvers and marry the girl next door. He came home, met Cat at a bar, left saying "I'm going to marry that girl," and turned out she lived nearby, confirming his fate of marrying the girl next door.

Why did you choose Danvers: "I have lived here all my life, my family is here, I wanted my kids to go to the same schools we went to, and couldn't think of another place I would want to live."

What would you like to see changed in town: Dave likes that everyone he knows is still around, he sees people he knows at the school and sports activities, and that Danvers still has that neighborhood feel. "but I also think we are losing that same feel, that Danvers is more city like and we are losing that charm". Dave would like to see Danvers get back to the small town feel. "When it takes 30 minutes to get across Danvers at 5pm something is wrong"

Where would people see you around town: At with Addie dreaming about the dog park yet to come.

Paws for Praise December 28, 2011 at 03:15 PM
One of my goals as a trainer is that each dog that comes through our classes becomes the kind of companion that any owner would love to have, and it's even more gratifying when I know that a dog is playing such a huge part in someone's recovery process. Dave and Addie have already laid the foundation for a happy life together and are working hard to meet their goals. So nice to see them share their story for others who may be struggling with similar issues. Anne Springer Paws for Praise Danvers, MA


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