Eldridge: Good, Clean, Fun!

Connie Eldridge's jobs include cleaning houses, caring for seniors, and providing fun for children of all ages.

Name: Connie Eldridge

Street: Chester Street

Family: Married to husband Jack for 25 wonderful years. Children are: Jacqueline who is living in Colorado, Jeffrey who is entering his senior year at Bentley and Jennifer who is entering her second year at Saint Anselm's.

Occupation:  Connie is multi-talented; she's been a child entertainer for many years delighting children with her balloon sculpting and face painting. Connie gives back to her community by volunteering at a foster child's Christmas party and National Adoption Day, to name a few events. 

Connie's other talents include compassionate senior care, with tasks including "taking walks with a client, cleaning, shopping, checking in, making meals and bathing." She enjoys spending time caring for seniors, and says she would like to be able to do it more often. 

Connie also enjoys selling items at the The Glitzy Bee shop in Salisbury. The shop hosts an eclectic mix of what Connie calls "re-purposed" items. 

Hobbies and interests: "I love to go to yard sales" said Connie. "I love to give items a new home." Connie also enjoys giving and receiving on the Danvers Freecycle site, re-purposing, receiving, giving away items no longer needed - for free. Connie also enjoys gardening when time allows.

Favorite book:  "The Outlander Series" by Diana Gabaldon

Favorite movie: Connie doesn't have a favorite movie but misses the times when her daughter worked at and would bring home random movies to watch.

Favorite Eatery: Sawasdee

Dream Vacation: Ireland or a cruise.

How long have you lived in Danvers: 19 years

Why did you choose Danvers:  "My husband is from Danvers and all his family is here."

Where would people find you around town:  "I can be found walking with a senior client, or at a yard sale in town"

What would you change in town: "I am excited about the changes that are coming like the new dog park in the works, as well as the rail trial that is up and running," Connie said, "but the biggest change I would like to see is to have my own shop in town!"

Laura Hinds August 15, 2011 at 10:34 AM
I know Connie a little bit from Freecycle and it's really nice to learn more about her. What a lovely, giving person she is!
Dawn Karolides August 15, 2011 at 05:07 PM
I think of Connie everytime I see a piece of furniture by the side of the road, that with a little of her magic, could bring style and fashion to a new home. I hope that shop comes into fruition. I'd be your best customer, and would even help with the refurbishing!


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