Gotts: Midnight Walker, Crafty, Townie

Lynda Gotts, originally from Beverly, now loves Danvers and has called it her home for the past twenty-four years.

Name: Lynda Gotts

Street: Larabee Ave.

Family: Husband, David and children Jessica, 29, Mathew 27, Christopher, 20 and Emily 17. The Gotts family also has a Malti-poo named Scruffy, who is sure to welcome you at the door.

Linda had a twin named Louise, who she was very close to. Louise passed away about three years ago. Lynda still misses her and says they were very close. The loss, she said "was the hardest part of my whole,whole life." Lynda fondly recalls during childhood when people didn't believe she and Louise were twins because they didn't look alike at all. Linda was blonde while her sister had kinky, curly red hair. 

Lynda donated a kidney to her brother-in-law, Jeffrey Gotts. He has since passed away but lived another ten years after the transplant. Linda was happy to be able to do that and give her brother-in-law's children ten more years to get to know their father.  

Occupation: Teacher's Aide at

Hobbies: Lynda enjoys reading, crafting and walking. Currently she is looking for projects for her daughter Jessica's upcoming October wedding. She enjoys walking with longtime neighbor and friend, Marie. “They used to call us the midnight walkers, because we were so busy with our kids during the day, that we could only walk late at night."

Favorite Book: The Bride Quartet Series, by Nora Roberts

Favorite Movie: Step Mom

Favorite Eatery: . We go every week with my sister and her husband. 

Favorite Shop:  and

Dream Vacation: “I have never been anyplace (other than Florida and Disney) so I would love to go to Hawaii or anyplace warm where I can just relax in the sun."

How long have you lived in Danvers:  Since 1987, twenty-four years.

Why did you choose Danvers: “My husband grew up here."

Where would people see you around town: “Walking all over town."

What would you like to see changed in town: "I love Danvers, and don’t see anything I would want to change. The updated schools are wonderful and the is on track."


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