Huuskonen: Flying High

Linda Huuskonen is one of few female helicopter pilots in New England.

Name: Linda Huuskonen

Street: Elliott Street

Family: Husband, Nyrik and daughters Shantel and Katia. Linda and her family also live with Linda's father, Joe.

Occupation: Linda is a real estate investor who also teaches others how to do so with Powerhouse Wealth Strategies. It's a family business that includes Nyrik, Shantel and Katia.

Hobbies and Interests: Linda is a helicopter pilot. "I got my pilot license 10 years ago, at the school that had just started at Beverly Airport. At the time I was one of five women in New England and there were only 700 nationwide."   Linda did a lot of promotional work with the school to help future women pilots.  She belongs to the Ninety Niners which is a local chapter of the International Organization of Women Pilots. The group helps with scholarships and support to further women into aviation and to the ranks of becoming a pilot in this untraditional hobby for women.

Favorite Book: Something More by Sarah Breathnach

Favorite Movie: The Notebook

Favorite shop in town:

Favorite Eatery:

Dream Vacation: "I would love to take a year long trip around the world."

How long have you lived in town: "I have lived here all my life, except for ten years, but then I came back."

Why did you choose Danvers:  "I wanted to raise my children in Danvers and have them grow up like I did."

Where would people see you around town: ", , and Sawasdee"

What would you like to see changed in town: "Reduction in ."

Missy December 23, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I would not recommend, Nyrik and Linda Huuskenon for any real estate advice. These people are dishonest, and racist. On 5/5/2011 I won a $3000. 00, in small claims court because as a business, they were neglectful in how they managed my apartment. They as a couple refused to comply with the law. After they refuse to pay the judgement, I was granted a civil order of arrest for Nyrik. It was at that time, I contacted his wife Linda, that I would not filing the warrant, if they made good on the judgement., Into which her reply "Your nothing but a Niggers whore". If that doesn't say racist, I don't know what does. I've had to travel to the Huuskenon jurisdiction, to make them follow the law and take care of there legal responsibilities. They lack moral integrity and can not be trusted as leaders in the real estate business.


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