Lost Shepherd Dog Last Seen Headed South on Rail Trail

An Australian Shepherd that has gone lost in Topsfield could possibly be headed south on the Danvers Rail Trail.

A 14-year old Australian Shepherd that has been missing for more than a week was last seen headed south toward Danvers.

The dog, named Hogan, went missing from owner Dean Tzortzis’ home on Juniper Lane in Topsfield on Oct. 17. The street is off Route 97, just north of the Danvers town line and along the rail trail.

There’s an electric fence at the house and Hogan was outside playing in the back yard, near the rail trail. He wandered south along the rail trail, as he usually does, and Tzortzis yelled to him and though he would return, as usual. But he hasn’t.

Tzortzis took to Facebook this week, using the Moynihan Lumber page to get out the word about his lost dog.

While Hogan is old, his hearing “is a little off” and he has mild arthritis, he has no major medical issues, Tzortzis said.

“He’s an outdoor dog,” he said.

This is not the first time Hogan has been on the run. Several years ago he was gone for three days and was found near Beverly Airport off Route 97 in Beverly. Tzortzis said he again might be headed that way.

“I don’t know how far he could have gone at this point,” he said.

There’s been no sighting of Hogan since he went missing on Oct. 17, Tzortzis said.

Hogan was wearing a black collar with silver rivets but no tags. One of his most distinctive qualities is that he does not have a tail.

“He’s very friendly so he will approach people,” he said. “I’m surprised nobody has seen him so far.”


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