Then & Now: Old Ipswich Road

A popular street in Danvers has an interesting history dating back to 1630.

What is now Elm Street in Danvers, used to be a road by the name of Old Ipswich. Back in 1630, Old Ipswich Road was part of a Native American trail. This trail was typically traveled on by colonists, and helped them get from Ipswich to Boston. In 1643, funds from the Massachusetts General Court were used to improve Old Ipswich Road and further help the colonists travel.

As years went by, and Danvers grew in population, more improvements and renovations were done to Old Ipswich Road. Landmarks were put in place, such as the Danvers Town Hall and the Daniel Richards House, which was built in 1842.

Now the road, renamed Elm Street, is traveled by many residents of Danvers, and the road has had many changes since its early days. While drivers will still pass the , the Daniel Richards House has since become the . Drivers will also be able to find places such as , , and , all located on the historical street.


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