Then & Now: Danvers Square

The popular downtown section of Danvers has always played an important role in the community.

The businesses that advertise in Danvers Square attract a lot of customers throughout the day and looking back in history, it appears that this area has always been a popular one for the community.

Danvers Square first began when the Fossa Block was purchased by James Fossa in 1845, but it wasn't until 1915 that the Fossa Block was constructed by William Berry. This construction was estimated to have cost roughly $40,000.

As the years went by, business began to grow on Fossa Block. Shortly after World War II, businesses such as Wells Drug Store, the Penny Pincher, and a small bowling alley were popular places along the strip. It is also rumored that John F. Kennedy stopped into the bowling alley, then known as "the Rat Hole," to use the rest room before an engagement he was attending in the area.

The businesses began to expand over time, and by the mid-20th century places such as Liggett Rexall Drug Store and Soda Fountain, as well as Ropes Drug Store, were established. Now, the Fossa Block in the Square is home to many popular establishments such as, , , , , , and --just to name a few!

Danvers Square is a popular area that many people have traveled through and relied on for many years, dating all the way back to the 1800's.


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