Then & Now: The Masury House

The home of the Masury's, a very politically-active Danvers family, still stands on Elm Street today.

The Masury family had quite a historical impact on the Danvers community. Back in the later 1800’s, Evelyn Masury was making a name for herself by being politically active in opposition of slavery. The house she resided in was located on 48 Elm Street and was frequently visited by famous names including William Lloyd Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Frederick Douglass. Evelyn was also an active member of the Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution and welcomed both, President Taft and President Coolidge into her Danvers home.

Also growing up in this home was a young Alfred Fellows Masury. Evelyn gave birth to Alfred in 1882, and her son would also grow up to make quite a name for himself. Alfred eventually left Danvers to pursue career opportunities, beginning at Brown University, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to work at many companies including, General Electric, Vaughan Machine Co., Hewitt Motor Company, and was Chief Engineer and Director of Mack Trucks, Inc.  Alfred was also involved in the U.S. military as well as the crash of the U.S. Airship Akron.

Akron was flying over the New England area, in exploration for various base sites, when a violent storm hit the aircraft hard. Off the coast of New Jersey, Akron crashed into the ocean and sixty-three men were killed, including Alfred Fellows Masury at the age of 51.

The home of Evelyn and Alfred Fellows Masury still stands in Danvers today. It first became the George Peabody Cooperative Bank but now is best known as the on Elm Street.

Andrea Crawford October 09, 2011 at 08:29 PM
Tha Masury House was own for "decades" by Mike Tipert who did his own repairs, and used as apartment housing.


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