PHOTOS: Winners from Danvers Art Association's Fall Art Show Reception

A look at all the winner from Danvers Art Association's annual Fall Art Show Reception on Friday night.

The Danvers Art Association hosted its annual Fall Art Show Reception on Friday night, Oct. 19. Below are a list of winners.


First and Second Place: Rebecca Prescott

Third Place and Honorable Mention: Martha Chapman 

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Prescott

Professional Watercolor

First and Second Place: Karen Nasuk

Third Place: Roberta Burgess

Honorable Mention: Tawny Norden 

Non Professional Watercolor

First and Second Place: Nancy Richards 

Third Place: Rebecca Prescott

Honorable Mention: Duane Carpenter 

Professional Acrylic

Best in Show and First Place: Marcy Consalvo 

Second and Third Place: Katie Brennan

Honorable Mention: Marcy Consalvo 

Non Professional Acrylic

First Place and Honorable Mention: Dan Murphy

Second Place: Alice Mansfield 

Third Place: Larry Goss

Honorable Mention: Virginia Simpson 

Mixed Media

First, Second and Third Place and Honorable Mention: Paul Meinerth 


First Place: Sandra Lockard 

Second Place: Donna King 

Third Place: John Archer 

Honorable Mention: Evelyn Carnavale  

Professional Oil

First and Second Place: Marian Dunn

Third Place: Sally Rothman

Honorable Mention: Holly Popeo 


First Place: Jackie Langlois

Second Place: Martha Chapman

Third Place: Paul Meinerth

Honorable Mention: Caren Travis  and Marcy Consalvo 

Mini Paintings

First Place: Duane Carpenter

Second Place: Bob Marcellino 

Third Place: Iona Gelpey

Popular Vote: Iona Gelpey


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