Northeast Arc Invites Community to Donate Clothes to Fight Autism

The Northeast Arc announced a partnership with Swapfish, a cutting edge website for social causes to turn donations into charitable dollars

Courtesy of Northeast Arc:

The Northeast Arc announced a partnership with Swapfish, a cutting edge website for social causes to turn donations into charitable dollars. Now members of the Greater New England community can donate their gently loved designer clothing, shoes, and accessories in minutes right from their door. These donations will change the lives of individuals and families living with developmental disabilities.

The average family has roughly $3,300 in items sitting unused in the bottom of drawers and closets. With the summer approaching, Northeast Arc is helping individuals slim down their closets and use these items for the first time to provide life-altering care to children and adults struggling with physical and mental disabilities.

Swapfish makes it simple, donors go to www.swapfish.com, click donate, select theNortheast Arc, and you will receive a box and a pre-paid shipping label. The process takes only minutes, but makes a huge impact. The item will then go to the Swapfish central warehouse where it will be reviewed for quality and posted on the Northeast Arc web storefront to be sold.

As a guide, Swapfish readily accepts name brand clothing, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. We appreciate any donation but please keep in mind that we will be reselling the items, so quality and style are key.

Instead of leaving that sweater/handbag/belt on the shelf in your closet  - donate it to theNortheast Arc and help a child with disabilities live a happy and fulfilled life. Your efforts will make it possible for the Northeast Arc to change lives.


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