5 Items, 6 Grocery Stores: Who's Cheapest?

A comparison of local grocery store prices at Market Basket, Trader Joe's, Hannaford, McKinnon's, Shaw's, and Stop and Shop.

Where do you get your groceries?

In our new grocery comparison, we're taking a look around Danvers' local grocery stores to find the best prices.

This week we're looking at five items, from five grocery stores in and around Danvers. 

Grocery specials this week are valid until Saturday, May 26. For Shaws and Stop and Shop specials, shoppers must have a store card. 



Strawberries (16 oz) Cape Cod Potato Chips Hot Dog Rolls (8 pack) Hot Dogs $4.99 2 / $5 2 / $5 $.99 $3.69 (Ball Park, 6) $6.99 $3.49 n/a 2 / $4 $4.29 (Fenway Franks) Trader Joes * $3.99 $2.69 n/a $1.79 $3.99 (Fenway Franks) Shaw's $7.99 2 / $2.99 2 / $5 $1.99 $6.99 (Ball Park, 16) $3.99 (mini) 2 / $3.99 2 / $5 $.99 $4.99 (Ball Park, 8) Hannaford $4.49 $2.49 $2.99 $1.19 $2.49 (Ball Park, 8)

*Trader Joes brand items. 

Emily Stephens May 22, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Shaw's always surprises me!
Rae Abell May 22, 2012 at 01:20 PM
What would be more helpful is if the nutrional values for the items were also considered, since also though these are seemingly "commodity" type items, there are definitely some quality differences amongst the sources you've chosen.
Helen Gray May 23, 2012 at 01:22 AM
Thanks for adding Hannaford's. That is such a great store. Prices are right and there store name products are Great. This place is never crowded and the help go out of their way to make the customer happy. I suggest more people check out this grocery store.


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