Cappy's Seafood In The Heart Of Danversport: Quality Food Cooked Right

Cappy's Seafood is a branch of the original Cappy's at Salem Willows. Since opening in 2010, owner Arthur Siasios has relied on word of mouth to bring in new customers to his seafood eatery.


​​The word is out, and it’s: delicious​.

Since opening in Danvers in 2010, Cappy's Seafood has relied primarily on word of mouth to spread the news about their premium quality food. Based on its commitment to fresh seafood cooked right, the Danvers sit-down eatery is an extension of Salem's iconic Cappy's Seafood, known for serving up "the best seafood around" to hungry Salem Willows patrons for over forty years now.

​Owner Arthur Siasios was born in Greece and emigrated with his parents to the U.S. at the tender age of six, settling on the north shore where he still lives today. After working for many years at Cappy's Seafood in Salem, Siasios had the opportunity to purchase from the original owner, Jeff Bazakos, and has been running it ever since. ​

Nestled amongst various seasonal businesses aimed towards the summer tourists, the eatery came with limitations; branching out to the second location seemed to Siasios like the perfect business plan.

"I wanted to offer the same great food we were known for, but at a higher level. At (the Willows) you have to rush things, and suppliers don't really approach you," he explained.

When he found the location in the Danversport area, at the Salem, Peabody, Danvers intersect, not only was the timing right, but he knew it would be the ideal spot for his business that brought with it a reputation for excellence. ​

"Our clams were swimming yesterday-that's my favorite quote, but it's true: the clams have always been top of the line; very fresh; you just can't get any better ones," he laughed.

He continued, "My supplier is one of the original distribution companies for this area. We've been with him for over forty years, and he wont give the same clams to all of his customers. They put out a super high quality product...no one else even comes close." ​

Excited for the future, and with "more opportunity to see what's out there in the world of seafood, and bring in even better products," Siasios opened Cappy's in the newly rebuilt Danversport, the section of town most affected by the infamous Danversport explosion in 2005, with an expanded menu. ​

The economy bottoming out at the end of 2010 was not something Siasios counted on, but he rose to the challenge, determined to make the necessary adjustments for the business to thrive.

"It's still shaky out there," he said. "But I've been standing in front of a fry-o-lator since I was thirteen yrs old. I can do the work of two men, and do it faster." Siasios attributes his fortitude to "Lessons learned along the way, especially from the willows...definitely Jeff taught me a lot."​

Cappy's Seafood is best known, of course, for their fried seafood: haddock, shrimp, scallops and clams. What Siasios wants customers to note is the healthy turn his fried food has taken under his direction.

"It's not like the older days," he said. "I stay away from any chemical treatment; our frying oil is trans fat free- even the Willows store has been for the last six years...I went with clean oil, in a light batter, which makes it a lot lighter."

Cappy's also has a selection of grilled seafood, from haddock and scallops to wild Atlantic Salmon, which is gaining momentum in the Danvers store. Siasios said his lobster rolls, which customers can't seem to get enough, have opened the door to some catering work.​

"Our lobster roll is very, very good. I use a Nova Scotia lobster, it's not dry or tough, I don't bury it in mayo and it's all lobster-I don't use any lobster fish (fakes)," said Siasios. "A few people have discovered it and are having us cater parties, just the word of mouth sent them over. I've had people who actually work at other (seafood) places come here to get our lobster rolls; it's a question of price and quality, but they obviously know better; I'm not bragging on it, it's the truth." ​

If folks are looking for something other than seafood, Cappy's has that covered, as well with its wide selection of subs, salads, grilled meats and chicken. Always hormone, chemical and antibiotic-free, Siasios stated, "For instance, I don't use white tuna, I use chunk light because of the mercury content in the white. I've been doing this long enough to know what to have, and what to avoid in food." Like trans-fats, of which there are none to be found in any of the sauces, dressings or food preparation. ​

With business picking up steadily, Siasios maintains a constant presence at the Danvers location, while his wife, Silva heads up the Salem store. He is hopeful the economy is getting back on track, and in the meantime continues to rely on customers to bring in new business.

​"If you have quality stuff, the taste tells it all," he said. "With a new place, word of mouth works really well; people picking up menus who have eaten here, they've kept us around. It is what it is, and you have to adjust to it and stay stable with the changing conditions. We're here and we're going to be here," he said.

Cappy's Seafood ​

120 Water St.

​(978) 767-9522


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