New Business Has Swag

Affordable designer labels; new consignment shop in Danvers promises fabulous style for a lot less.

OK, ladies. Imagine having the coolest friend on the planet -- a real fashion diva who shops at all the best stores and has the trendiest wardrobe of anyone else you know. And she lets you shop from her closet! Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, Express, Gucci, and more -- it’s a teenage girl’s dream come true.

Danvers resident Kaytee Guerriero is that friend, and her closet is Swag, a hip new shop located at 67 High St. With an emphasis on cool, young women will have no problems putting together fabulous and affordable outfits at this unique consignment boutique, decked out in pink and jet black decor with zebra print accents.

The idea for a teen-based consignment shop grew from Guerriero's personal experience buying an expensive suit for her teenage son, which he outgrew in less than six months.

"I thought, how do these parents of teen-aged girls do it? It must cost them a fortune," she said. "I mean kids are going to college, have tuition to pay; maybe they can't afford to dress like their friends who are living at home. Now they can wear designer fashions for night out, without breaking the budget."

It was this past Sept. when Guerriero's sister noted the vast collection of designer clothing that Guerriero had in her own closet, that the entrepreneur began brainstorming how to approach young ladies to turn over their wardrobes, consignment style. Once she explained the items are lightly used, mostly new, and that they could actually make a little money, the floodgates opened.

From a Betsy Johnson Andy Warhol-inspired Marilyn Monroe vintage cotton t-shirt to a Marc Jacob’s Red black leather messenger bag and the silver Juicy Couture necklace, bracelet and rhinestone watch set, which will go with all it’s original boxes and special instructions.

A busy mom of two, Kaytee Guerriero worked during college at a Salem boutique called Body Talk, and threw herself into learning every aspect of the business.

"I was young, moldable, and the owner took a liking to me," she said. "Within two years I became her buyer going to fashion shows in New York City. I remember the first trip, I saw a line of clothing from XOXO-the label was new, no one had ever heard of it, but I knew we had to have that in our shop. She wasn't sold on the idea, but took a chance on me, and bought them. Once we got them in our shop, we sold out of them in two days. That was that." 

Although her retail career began as a temporary solution to get college money, once she was exposed to the retail end of the business, she fell in love with it and had been dreaming about owning her own boutique ever since. Guerriero has also been a beauty advisor for CVS in North Beverly for over twenty years.

Guerriero's excitement regarding this new venture is infectious, and in the short time she has been there, she has wasted no time reaching out to the other vendors in the complex with ideas on how best  to combine their unique businesses and talents and work together to help boost each others interests.

“In this economy-we all need each other," she said.

She has already planned a Pre-Prom Fashion Show with her shop's upstairs neighbor Solar Infusions, offering tanning, advice and discounts for prom-goers. In late March, she's working on plans to host a fashion show with the Music Connection, with refreshments by Solar Infusions, and hair and make-up done by New Wave Hair Salon.

This multi dimensional entrepreneur is also adding special services and perks, like styling and fashion consulting. “I also offer styling services. For instance if you have a piece of clothing you’re not sure about, before getting rid of it, bring it in and I can help you accessorize it, make it fresh and new to you, and who knows, you may end up loving it again!”

To contact Kaytee Guerriero to make a consignment, or to learn more about the fashion shows, call Swag: 978-304-1532, or go to Swag Consignment Boutique on Facebook for fashion tips and advise and to learn all about Swag!

Taylor Gomes July 27, 2012 at 06:06 PM
SWAG is the best in Danvers ! I'm alway's pleased walking out of the store. TEAM SWAG ALL THE WAY !


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