Gymnastics Business Returns to Danvers

Yellow Jackets Olympic Gymnastics & Cheerleading will open on Route 1.

When Yellow Jackets Olympic Gymnastics & Cheerleading left Danvers more than two years ago, owner Peter Kormann promised that he would do his best to find another place closer than his other location in Middleton.

After viewing many different spots, Kormann kept his promise and is opening a new location at 100 Newbury St., Route 1, in Danvers.

“It took longer than we wanted, but we’re glad to be back in Danvers,” said Peter Kormann, who won a bronze medal in the 1976 Olympics.

Yellow Jackets was once located on Holten Street, across from McKinnon’s Market. When the building was sold, Yellow Jackets moved out and transferred all of the young gymnasts to its Middleton location.

Middleton isn't far from Danvers, but traffic often snarls Routes 114 and 62 in the afternoon when parents often bring their children to Yellow Jackets in Middleton.

Most students take one-hour classes, which means they lose out on a lot of class time if they’re late because of the Route 114 traffic. 

Yellow Jackets alleviated that headache with the new location in Danvers. 

The Danvers location is along Route 1 and close to Peabody. In fact, the name is Yellow Jackets Olympics Gymnastics & Cheerleading Danvers-Peabody.

The gym space is 10,000 square feet. Though the gym space is slightly smaller than the Middleton location, the Danvers’ overall location is 20,000 square feet, has high ceilings and and includes a larger lobby and dance room.

Kormann said Yellow Jackets plans to offer new programs at the Danvers location. There will be a lot of cheerleading classes and tumbling clinics too.

In addition, the business will offer “ninja warrior” classes for boys that will focus on strength and flexibility.

Traditional gymnastics classes begin at 18 months with parents and then children can take classes by themselves by the time they’re 5 years old.

“The classes are going to be driven by what people want to do. We’re going to try to offer a lot and see what shakes out,” said Kormann.

Carrie Clarke helped manage the previous Danvers location and will continue at the new spot. She said Yellow Jackets will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5 p.m. Friday, June 27 and an open house from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 28, but parents can drop by anytime to check out the space.

Seven-week classes for children begin on July 7. In September, Yellow Jackets will begin offering 13-week classes.

Kormann, who also coached at the Naval Academy, said gymnastics is great for children playing other sports. In fact, his friend and NBA legend David Robinson said gymnastics helped him become a better basketball player.

“It’s the best sport for your daughter or son if you want the to be active in athletics,” said Kormann, adding that gymnastics help young basketball, football and soccer players get stronger, more flexible and experience fewer injuries.

Yellow Jackets Olympic Gymnastics & Cheerleading is at 100 Newbury St., Route 1. The phone number is 978-304-1762. You can find out more by going to Yellow Jacket's website.


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