Hostess Gift Ideas For Your Holiday Gathering

Whether you plan and order ahead or need something on the fly, these local vendors have got your hostess gift covered.

We all know, the holidays do not take place during one week or one day, rather ‘tis the whole season for friends, family and festive gatherings. Holiday house parties are the perfect setting to bring people together to enjoy the spirit of the season, “to eat, drink and be merry,” and toast one another on another year well-done.

When venturing out to a holiday house party, most invited guests ascribe to the theory to never attend a party empty handed. Some opt to bring a dish for the table, others a nice bottle of wine; however you choose to thank your host for your invitation to their party, your hostess gift is your way of contributing to the spirit of the event.

Knowing your host or hostess is key to picking out just the right theme for your gift. For instance, does he or she enjoy sweets or are they more health conscious? Do they fancy a specialty brew, liquor or wine, or should your contribution be something with the entire family in mind?

When planning to attend a holiday party, it's always great to bring a host or hostess gift you know will be enjoyed. Danvers Patch has compiled a short list of ideas to help you choose the perfect host or hostess gift for your next holiday get together.

Fruit Basket: Danvers Fresh Marketplace Fruit or Fruit & Cheese Baskets are a popular item all year at Danvers Fresh Marketplace, with increased demand during the holiday season. These baskets are overflowing with healthy fruits, jars of specialty jams, chocolates or cheeses to suit every taste. Orders can be placed by phone, in the store and on the website, and they will deliver locally for a small fee.

Custom Sweets Basket:  Putnam Pantry has been producing their world famous chocolates the old fashioned way for over ten generations. There are three sizes of holiday gift baskets bursting with their signature chocolates in the most popular varieties to delight your host and their family this season. Orders can be placed by phone, in the store and on the website. Putnam Pantry will ship anywhere, regular shipping rates do apply.

Floral Centerpiece: Curran Brother’s Florist creates festive arrangements of red and white poinsettias, pine cones and fresh winter berries combined with seasonal blooms and greens. These beautiful centerpieces are displayed in Santa’s sleigh or a simple vase or basket to bring holiday colors to your host’s table. Orders can be placed by phone, in the store and on the website. Curran’s will ship anywhere, regular shipping rates do apply.

Wine & Cheese Basket: Waterfront Wine And Spirits Gift Baskets by Ana offer their entire inventory of beers, fine wines and spirits combined with an assortment of cheeses and gourmet foods to compliment every taste. Gift baskets are custom, but there are always pre-made baskets for last minute shoppers in-house. Orders can be placed by phone, in the store and on the website through email, and  local delivery is available for a small fee.

Dipping Oil With Gift Card: Matty's Food And Spirits is putting their signature spin on Hostess gifts this year by offering discounted restaurant gift certificates with the purchase of a beautifully wrapped bottle of their homemade dipping oil. The decoratively wrapped bottle is packaged together with the gift certificate as the greeting for your special host or hostess to enjoy during and after the holidays. Matty’s dipping oil with gift card are available at the hostess station.


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