McDonald's Halts Meat Purchases From Firm Over Health and Cruelty Concerns

McDonald's action comes on the heels of the U.S. government suspending purchases of meat which would have gone to the school lunch program.

McDonald's is reportedly suspending meat purchases from a California company for all its locations, including here on Littleton Road in Westford, after hearing health and animal cruelty concerns.

McDonald's is one of several fast-food chains reportedly to cut off its relationship with Central Valley Meat Company after the federal government suspended its purchases.

The move comes after an animal welfare group distributed a video of what appeared to be sick cows being abused as workers tried to get them to walk to slaughter, according to the AP. Regulations prohibit cows that can't walk from being slaughtered, according to the AP. The rule is meant to prohibit cows infected with mad cow disease from being used for food. 

Federal authorities told the AP the video does not show anything to indicate that meat from sick cows was put into food supplies, but authorities are continuing their investigation.

The meat company said it is working to improve its practices.

See the full AP story for more details.

Will you keep eating at McDonald's? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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