When Is Maple Street Tavern Opening?

After many setbacks and delays, the tavern opening sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

You asked the question, Patch found the answer. When will Maple Street Tavern open downtown?

Over the past weeks, Danvers Patch has had a flurry of emails with the same question: When is the going to open? We were able to speak with a very busy Dean Borders, owner of the restaurant, and find out what's happening. According to Borders, Maple Street Tavern will have a soft opening next weekend, tentatively Friday, February 10.

“We want to work out any issues that weekend, and get the staff acclimated; so a soft opening to start,” he said.

The long anticipated tavern opening has been delayed time and again due to unforseen . Borders is understandably apologetic, as he has been frustated with setbacks that he said were beyond his control, and has also been inundated with inquiries.

“Even the had read [] and were excited about this place,” he said. “Unfortunately, we’ve had to push the opening date back a couple of times, which has been both frustrating and disappointing.”

From the expected to the unexpected

As any new business owner knows, there are things that are just not within control. From discovering that orders were not placed for materials as expected, to unexpected expenditures, Borders is getting a crash course in Opening a New Restaurant, 101.  

But he insists that Maple Street Tavern is, in fact, in the home stretch. All of the setbacks will be a thing of the past after next weekend, he said, when Dean Borders can finally take a deep breath and open the doors to the next chapter.


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