Revival Fashion Consignment: the Latest Addition To Danvers Square

Gina Sabbagh is the new business owner of Revival, the latest new shop to bring high fashion to Danvers Square.


The sleek window display at Revival Fashion Consignment on Elm Street has been drawing attention since its Grand Opening in April. Customers are treated with an ever-changing assortment of eye-candy, from last week’s collection of cerulean and turquoise tones, to this week’s display of classic black and whites.

Owner Gina Sabbagh couldn’t believe that without formal advertising, the opening was still a huge success. “I thought I’d open the doors, hope for the best- maybe still be able to move things around and continue setting things up, but we had a really great turnout,” she said.

Perhaps because "you never get a second chance to make a first impression," Sabbagh, has changed her window display more than eight times in one month, constantly updating it to present a fresh assortment of inspired fashions to patrons. When asked how long she has been in the business, she laughingly responded, “this my very first store, I've been in the business four weeks!”

Revival Fashion Consignment is Sabbagh’s first ownership venture, and she said it was very important to her first business reflect who she is: a woman with a deep commitment to community who supports local, small businesses; loves to decorate; and is passionate about the planet.

She explained, “Before we were setting up, I bought all the furniture from the Salvation Army, I painted it myself, and put that in the windows so people could look in and know something fun was coming. I’m trying to use all recycled fixtures inside, so all my store fixtures are from Filene’s Basement, my hangers are from other stores, everything in here except the computers are 'Save The Planet Green,' if you’re going to preach it, you have to practice it. Also anything I do I want to support the local community, so I try to hire local carpenters, local painters...to keep the money in the area.”

At Revival Fashion Consignment, customers will find new to gently worn fashions for women of all sizes, from petite to plus and maternity, and even clothing, shoes and accessories for men. Many of the items sport their store-original tags, from high-end department stores ranging from Banana Republic, Talbots, Ann Taylor, Coach and Chicos.

“We have Rock N Republic Jeans, a wall of Vera Bradley, a lot of juniors, designer gowns, cute sundresses, vintage pieces, jewelry and brooches, and purses,” Sabbagh said.

“I'm trying to appeal to somebody who wants to buy that cute old navy t-shirt, but I also have that six hundred dollar Gucci purse,” she continued. “I want people to be able to have nice things that are friendly on their wallet, and to feel comfortable.”

'Oh, this isn’t a consignment shop, the clothes are all new,' is a phrase Sabbagh said she is accustomed to hearing. “Mostly people say it doesn't look like a consignment shop, it doesn’t smell like a consignment shop, and they love my prices,” she said. “A lot of my clothing has never been worn-with the original tags still on them."

Although she realizes she could increase prices and remain successful, Sabbagh said it’s more important to move the merchandise than to keep it hanging on the rack. “I want to have my customers leave happy and feel they got a bargain, and come back, than it is for me to raise those prices,” she said.

Sabbagh said the location for the shop came from a search up and down Route 1 from Somerville heading North, and a chance meeting with a stranger. “I was looking in a strip-mall in Danvers, just trying to find a busy place with a lot of foot traffic. I got talking with a guy who said, Oh, no-you want to be in Danvers Center. He said, ‘It’s a cute little center, go look there...’  I looked at this spot and I loved it, and here we are!”

Sabbagh may have store ownership in her blood. A twenty year resident of Somerville, she grew up in East Cambridge and later Winchester. But her family was known in the Lawrence area for their retail clothing store, a shop where Sabbagh worked at when she was younger called Ned’s, which has since closed. “Everyone from that area knew about and shopped in the store,” she said. 

For the new business owner, opening her store in Danvers has gone very smoothly, and the surrounding commercial neighborhood has welcomed her with open arms.

“This has been a really positive experience, overall,” she said. “The  fruit mart has the nicest people, and the toy store. I have Simplicity right around the corner, which I think is great for the foot traffic.”

She continued, “Having all these little shops right here; it makes downtown a destination. I don't view it as competition, you never saw Filene’s without Macy's, or vice versa, so it gives you a destination, it makes sense. We can all work together to support local businesses.”

Revival Fashion Consignment
15 Elm Street
Danvers, MA
Open, 7 days a week
Mon,Tues, Wed, Fri 10-6
Thurs 10-8
Sat 10-6
Sun 11-4

jag May 07, 2012 at 12:31 PM
What a great store! There are so many great items to choose from. I got some coach among other things. Staff is friendly, decor is upscale, and the green initiative is appealing! It's affordable and fun. Why pay full price? Not the same old thing. Great addition to downtown. I would call it a Consignment Boutique!
SensibleConsumer April 29, 2013 at 11:36 PM
Do not consign or shop at this store. Several months after consigning my beautiful and pristine dress, I received a voicemail asking if I wanted to pick up or donate my RIPPED dress. Wait just a second.... RIPPED? When I consigned the dress it was inspected thoroughly by the owner herself, Gina, and it was certainly not ripped. Gina, marked it as a designer label and put it up for sale at a very reasonable price for such an attractive dress. To receive a voicemail several months later that it was ripped was just shocking! When I called the store and spoke with Gina, she was not helpful, gracious, or even respectful in the least. I was told that my options remained to pick it up or donate the dress. Adding insult to injury, Gina told me that she did not have the time to talk with me and hung up the telephone. Really?? This is how Gina chooses to conduct business, treating a customer and first time consignor with contempt and condescension. If Gina does not have the time to speak with me I certainly do not have the time to shop or consign at Revival. I recommend that you follow my lead and shop and consign at the other respectful and trustworthy shops in Danvers and the surrounding communities.
Gina Sabbagh October 22, 2013 at 12:14 PM
Hi, my name is Gina Sabbagh and I own Revival Fashion Consignment. In response to this review I would like to address this issue. We inspect every item for consignment based on the following: 1: we smell the garment for smoke, pet smells, mold and moth balls 2: we examine the clothing for stains, damages and pet hair Even though we try very hard some things are missed. We are a clothing store, even though it's consignment, people try clothing on and sometimes they get damaged. The seam where the strap was attached to the dress opened. The phone call was made because the dress was past the 90 days on the floor, as per the contract, not only for the ripped seam. As for the phone call yes I was very busy, and after a lengthy conversation to no end, I could not appease the customer and asked that she come in. I did have to end the call. In the interim I brought the dress to the seamstress and she fixed the strap. When the consigner came in she seemed satisfied. she also stated she wrote a bad review, and would take it down. In our quest to be a better than your average consignment store...we need to be very selective. Sometimes this comes off as offensive but let me assure you my consigners are just as important as my customers. Without either there would be no Revival Fashion Consignment. THANK YOU GINA SABBAGH


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