Several Food Establishments Running Without Permit

50 operating food establishments in Danvers have not renewed their 2012 permits yet.


Of the 222 food establishments in town, ranging from restaurants to convenience stores to nursing homes, 50 establishments - almost 25 percent - do not have a valid permit for 2012. 

Danvers' Health Director Peter Mirandi told the "unfortunate" figures to the at their .

Establishments were supposed to have their permit application processed by the first of the new year. As of that date, only 71 establishments had paid to have an active permit.

The town issued a $25 fee on the first of February to the 151 delinquent establishments who had not sent in a check. Between February and March 1, Mirandi said the town received 101 payments, but were still without the remaining 50.

Yesterday, March 1, the 50 remaining establishments were sent another $25 fee.

"You can't operate without a valid permit," Board of Health director Peter Mirandi said. "It's disappointing to me that we have to resort to fines to motivate them to do what they should be doing routinely."

Of the 50 establishments who have yet to pay, 37 have filled out the application but have not sent in a check. 13 establishments have not filled out the application or sent in a check.

This is the first year the town has used an electronic sharing software, Full Circle, to accept payments for permits. The brand new system includes a three page application, but Mirandi said it is designed to be easier for business owners.

Pat March 02, 2012 at 07:56 PM
So why are they still operating? Isn't that a liability for the town?
Mitch March 03, 2012 at 09:24 PM
As a former health agent this doesn't make sense... Shut them down in the morning. I bet you'll have completed applications and fees/fines paid by lunch. And while you're there I'd suggest inspecting them to correct any issues before they are allowed to reopen. If they can't keep their permit current they are probably lax in other areas as well (i.e. cleanliness, food handling practices as well. It seems irresponsible for the Board of Health to allow them to remain open.
helen burns March 04, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Apparently you CAN "operate without a valid permit"!


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