Traditional Tai-Chi Training

The Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute was founded in 2000 with permission from Grand Master Gin-Soon Chu and his son, Master Fong – Vincent Chu to propagate theYang Style Tai Chi Chuan in North America. Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute is one of—if not the finest– school teaching traditional Tai-Chi Chuan and Qigong Healing Arts in the Greater Tri-State area today.

Sifu-Nicanor Snow’s Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute attracts students from around the northeast as well as outside the region.  With a traditional approach to training characterized by personal, individualized attention, emphasis on correct forms, personal development, integration of body, chi and intent, repetition, mutual respect, and hard work, the Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute promises a rewarding experience.




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