1 Year with Danvers Patch: 10 Memorable Stories

A look back at some of the most memorable stories from Danvers

As we celebrate our first year in Danvers, here is a look back, in no particular order, at some of our favorite stories:

1. We had so much fun participating in our first year at the Danvers Family Festival. Between the ,  and of course, the we can see why Danvers keeps up such a fun tradition.

2. On a personal note, the was a special event to cover, because it was the first story I reported on here in Danvers. Everyone was friendly, having fun, and didn't shun me for !

3. Columnist Laura Hinds began her in December, with . No one can describe the old sights and scenes of town the way a true Danversite can, and Laura has captured some special personal, and town memories with her Saturday morning reflections.

4. When we asked former Danvers Patch editor, now Peabody Patch editor John Castelluccio what his favorite story from his time in town was, he said it had to be "covering the . It wasn't the Blizzard of '78, but it just got so ridiculous after blizzard, after storm, after storm, after blizzard, after storm... I kept a running tally and just had some fun with it after a while. I think we were all pretty punch drunk with snow by the end of it."

5. campaign began on Danvers Patch in May, it was great to see so many friends, family, and folks around town step up to spread the word for a family in town. With the help of , the Skinners have found 

6. We found out quickly that many of our readers were big fans of Olive Garden. We first broke the news that in October, but gave , until it's . Did you go to the grand opening? We did! .

7. It has been fun to watch transform in front of our eyes. When we first launched Danvers Patch last October, the . Now, with the field house to be completed by January, and the entire project next year, we've been able to provide updates throughout the entire renovation.

8. Who remembers when the ? Former Local Editor John Castelluccio told us it was pretty exciting. We can't wait to see how the Danvers sports teams will do this year.

9. Over the summer we had the opportunity to be part of Danvers history. Both Town Manager Wayne Marquis and Town Clerk Joe Collins said they had never seen a time in town when there were three all-alcohol licenses up for grabs.

10. This year we were able to learn the stories of two very special little girls named and . While both battled different forms of cancer, their stories of strength made them favorites among readers.

We're so very appreciative of all of our readers, contributors, bloggers, tweeters and Facebookers: we wouldn't be Danvers Patch without you.

Thank you!

-Molly Buccini

PS: If you have a favorite story from this year, be sure to include it in the comments!


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