$23.1 Million Construction Project Replaces Rt.128 Bridge

D.W. White Construction, Inc., overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is currently completing the first phase of a $23.1 million construction project on Rt. 128 in Danvers.

Workers from D.W. White Construction, Inc., overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) are currently replacing the bridge carrying Route 128 over the unused MBTA rail road south of High Street at Exit 23 as part of the 23.1 million Route 128 construction project.

The project is also building retaining walls at the Elliot Street northbound on-ramp and noise barriers at both locations. The second phase of the construction will be part of a future project that will widen Route 128 to include outside and inside shoulders, as well as a new median barrier. 

According to a press release from MassDOT:

  • As of last week, contractors had removed and transported approximately 4,100 tons of contaminated soil to an out of state refuse disposal facility. 
  • The drilled shaft work for the phase I portion of the bridge over the railroad corridor is complete. 
  • The contractor is continuing to set forms and reinforce steel for a crash wall associated with the northerly pier. 
  • Works are continuing to collaborate with , Comcast and Verizon to facilitate pole relocations and wire transfers. 
  • Several locations have been identified where underground utilities are conflicting with the construction of the proposed northbound sound wall. 
  • Teams are working to develop potential solutions for the problem. In several areas where the issue was encountered the issue has been addressed using the modified slope treatment that was developed. 
  • Survey work for pole relocations and wall reconstruction is complete. At the corner of Purchase Street and High Street the Right Of Way section has completed the land acquisition.
  • Currently work is being done to set the drainage at the northbound ramps at Route 62.

According to MassDOT there will be periodic lane closures as needed for maintenance in the work zones, as well as "rolling roadblocks" to facilitate equipment access to the median area. 

If closures occur it will be between 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 10 a.m to 2 p.m., respectively. 

There are currently no anticipated parking or pedestrian access impacts. 


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