Hidden Gem: The Danvers Swamp Walk

Discover a Hidden Gem in Danvers that you may have driven by and never known it existed. Or maybe you have not visited this interesting spot in years. So take a little trip with Patch...we’ll show you the way.

The road surrounding Danvers Swamp Walk is a little misleading.

Sandwiched between large, beautiful homes, it leads the driver to believe he is lost, causing many to circle around a few times before finally arriving. 

The first thing that's noticeable is a large field of tall grass and then a thicket of trees behind that. At first glance, there is no swamp to be found. 

Soon enough, though, there is an opening that turns into a trail through the woods. It winds around a few times, with branches and rocks jutting from the ground. Be sure to step carefully. 

Then there's another opening and after stepping out of the shadow of the woods, there is a rail trail lit by the sun. 

It's about a half-mile walk before reaching the wooden planks, which were recently built by volunteers. The planks carry walkers over the swamp's dark and mysterious water. 

Along the walk, there is evidence of animal life. Beavers have left their mark, carving many trees in sight. A chorus of different bird sounds can be heard as well. 

Last Sunday participants got the opportunity to The project has been in progress for about two years, with two more years of construction projected before its completion. 

Even though the project is not completed, this is already a nice outing community members can take with their families. 

To find this hidden gem, park at the  parking lot, 401 Locust Street, and hike to the rail bed. Continue traveling north to find the newly constructed Swamp Walk. 

Check out Your Passport to Danvers.


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