'Not a Biggie' Storm Slated To Bring Snow Sunday

A small storm will move in on Sunday at about the time of the Super Bowl kickoff.

The continuing theme of storms this winter will likely continue on Sunday evening - a small storm that will likely deliver just enough snow to make the roads slippery.

"It's not a biggie, or a least it won't be as it moves over us Sunday afternoon and evening," writes WHDH-TV meteorologist Pete Bouchard in his recent blog post. "Nonetheless, roads may slicken a bit, and there might even be enough to put the plow blade down on Cape Cod...Despite all its potential, the amounts will leave the snow hounds wanting."

Bouchard's forecast maps shows an expected 1-2 inches of snow for the immediate coast, including Cape Ann and areas to the east of I-95. Danvers is in that area. Just to the west, Bouchard predicts just a coating.

The National Weather Service says there is a "moderate probability" for 1-2 inches of snow on Sunday evening, with a higher chance in southeastern Massachusetts.


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