Readers' Choice Winners 2012

Who has the best pizza in town? How about the best grocery store? Here are your picks for Readers' Choice.

All this summer you've nominated and voted for your favorite local businesses in Danvers in categories ranging from Best Kids Menu and Restaurant You Miss the Most to Best Antique Store and Best Dance Studio.

We've tallied all the poll votes and now it's time to announce the winners. See below for our complete list of Readers' Choice winners.


2nd Place: Mandarin Danvers

3rd Place: Eighty-Eight Restaurant

Winner: Panini Pizzeria

2nd Place: Sam & Joe's

3rd Place (tie): New Danvers House of Pizza and Supino's

Winner: Cherry Farm Creamery

2nd Place: Goodies Ice Cream

3rd Place: Gelato Harbour Cafe

Winner: Kim Supino at Supino's Restaurant

2nd Place: Mike Chase at Maple Street Tavern

3rd Place: Aldonna Linares at Maple Street Tavern

Winner: Maple Street Tavern

2nd Place: Buffalo Wild Wings

3rd Place: Four 66

Winner: 99

2nd Place: Daily Harvest Cafe

3rd Place: Applebee's

Winner: Maui Wowi Hawaiian

2nd Place (tie): Daily Harvest Cafe and Sunberries Smoothies

Winner: Supreme Roast Beef

2nd Place: Londi's

3rd Place: New Danvers House of Pizza

Winner: Cakes for Occassions

2nd Place: Saralena

Winner: East Side Mario's and York Steak House

2nd Place: Ground Round

3rd Place: Vic's Drive In

Winner: Danvers Fresh Marketplace

2nd Place: Danvers Hardware

3rd Place (tie): 9 Elm and Sawasdee

Winner: Scrubbles

2nd Place: Danvers Martinizing

3rd Place: Sunbeam Dry Cleaners

Winner: McKenna's Performance Training

2nd Place: YMCA

3rd Place (tie): Planet Fittness, Barre N9Ne Studio and Bikram Yoga


2nd Place: Danvers Rail Trail

3rd Place (tie): Choate Farm, Putnamville Reservoir and Town Forest

Winner: Arthur Murray

2nd Place: Dance Center of Danvers

3rd Place: North Shore Dance Academy

Winner: McKinnon's

2nd Place: Danvers Fresh Marketplace

3rd Place: Market Baskeyt

Winner: Swag

2nd Place: Simplicity

3rd Place: Revival

Winner: Tomani

2nd Place:

Winner: Little Shop of Treasures

2nd Place: It's a Secret

3rd Place: Den of Antiquity

Winner: Prentiss & Sons Landscaping, Inc.

2nd Place: Hinchey Landscaping

3rd Place (tie): Arrowhead Landscaping, Moore Landscaping and The Green Company

Winner: Tomani

2nd Place: Celestial Nails

3rd Place: Nicole's Nails

Winner: Step into Learning

2nd Place: Stepping Stones

3rd Place: Maple Street Nursery

Winner: Solar Infusions

2nd Place: Cosmic Tans

Winner: Ann and Hope

2nd Place: Lechmere

3rd Place: Woolworth's

Angela Petrelis August 24, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Do the winners get anything saying they won!!


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