Some Boaters Prep for Sandy, Other Hold Off

Some Danvers boaters took their boat out of the water on Friday, others were waiting for Saturday and other are going to keep their boat in the water.

Some Danvers boaters pulled their boat from the water on Friday, while others were waiting for the weekend or were hoping the sheltered confines on Danvers' rivers will help them weather Hurricane Sandy.

Bill Reid of Danvers said he had planned to take the boat out about now, but the approaching storm was added motivation.

"The storm is somewhat of a coincidence," he said as he waited to put his 21 foot center console boat on its trailer on Friday at Pope's Landing with his wife Nicole and son Jackson, 9.

While the marinas in Danvers are much more protected than other areas along the North Shore coast, Nicole Reid said she was still surprised at how many boats were still in a slip, tied to a float or on a mooring at around dinnertime on Friday.

"We're surprised that so many boats are still in," she said.

Marinas such as Bunky's Marina and Danversport Yacht Club sit along the relatively sheltered Porter River and Liberty Marina at the confluence of the Danvers and Waters rivers. Some boaters who typically keep their boats along more exposed areas of the coast take refuge at the Danversport marinas during storms, Peter Bramberg of Portside Marine told Danvers Patch before Huricane Irene arrived last August.

Diving along the water in Beverly and Salem on Friday, Nicole Reid said most boats were already out of the water.

Jim and Susan Moorer of Peabody said that were it not for approaching Hurricane Sandy, they would probably keep their boat in the water.

"We'd rather be safe than sorry," said Jim Moorer as he loaded his boat on the trailer late Friday afternoon.

They were also glad to find there was not an overwhelming number of boaters tying to get their boat out on Friday night.

"Tomorrow this place will be hopping," Susan Moorer said.

Boat owners, tell us: What are you doing with your boat during the storm?


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