Summertime Spots for an Outdoor Meal

This week's North Shore Nibbles column features restaurants with outdoor seating, comfortable patios and summertime lounges.

This week's North Shore Nibbles has an array of summertime spots that feature outdoor seating, seasonal options, and more: 

  • Shea’s Riverside has an exquisite view of the Essex River and Crane's Beach, according to Manager Jane Sullivan. "It's one of the best views around," Sullivan said about the restaurant's deck area. There are seven tables and people can also dock their boats instead of driving to the restaurant.The busiest moments for the restaurant are during lunch hours and evenings when the temperature has cooled down.


  • If you're in the mood for something different, Woodman’s in Essex has got you covered, literally. Woodman's offers customers the option to sit underneath a tent if the sun is too powerful. According to Lisa MacGregor, this appeals more to families because they aren't licensed in that area. But, if you're in the mood to enjoy some spirits and the sun, you can head on up to the top deck. It has been open since June and will close once October comes around. 


  • Black Cow in Newburyport has a top deck with tables and a lounge area as well, said General Manager Mike Duratti. The views include the Merrimack River and Plum Island. The deck area has a roof that can shield from the sun and if it gets too cool they can turn on the heaters. Unlike most places, Black Cow keeps the deck open year round; during the wintertime a few stragglers like to indulge in the view. On occasion, a person might come across wildlife, like seals in the distance or eagles on the hunt. "It's a very fun lounge," Duratti said. "It's like being on vacation."


  • At in Danvers people enjoy the patio because there’s a sense of privacy, said Bruce Canario, the general manager. “It’s all fenced in,” Canario said. “People like it out there.” For a little reprieve from the sun, the tables have umbrellas.


  • If you want to enjoy a nice frozen yogurt and spend some time outdoors in Danvers, check out the . There’s a nice fountain on the patio, said Kaitlin McQuire, who does a little bit of everything at the restaurant. 


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Less than a month after it opened, is bringing the heat outside. The restaurant, in the former home of Vinny T’s at the has recently opened a patio. Have you tried the wings? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Looking for a place to go out in Hamilton? Weathervane Tavern is one option. A perk? It has a great website they update frequently with each weekend’s specials. Think about all the time you’ll have to talk to your dinner date when you don’t have to stare at the menu.

Looking to go raw? Organic Garden and Cafe on Cabot Street in Beverly is offering 50% off an in-house internship program on preparing raw and organic food.

kimm tremblay July 07, 2011 at 06:34 PM
7 central in Manchster by the sea... lovely patio overlooking the river. Food is good too !
Michelle Gilliss July 09, 2011 at 11:38 AM
Sylvan Street Grille has a fabulous outdoor dining area with a gorgeous water feature and landscaping-it's one of my favorite spots. Don't forget the Danversport Yacht Club, too. Nothing beats dining on the water :)


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