VIDEO: Danversport Boaters Prep For Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene nears New England, Danversport boaters are taking precautions.

With Hurricane Irene nearing New England, many boaters in Danversport are taking the necessary precautions to avoid damages. 

While for many in Danversport that means hauling their boats home for the storm, people whose boats typically reside closer to the ocean are seeking this spot as a safe haven. "People are bringing their boats up to the Danvers River because it's a safe harbor," said Peter Bramberg of the Portside Marine on Liberty Street. "It's far enough from the coast that it will help out with the tides and the winds."

Peter DellaMonica, whose boat resides in Danversport, chose to bring his boat home to his driveway. "We want to be on the safe side; not have to worry about it," he said. 

His mother, Julie DellaMonica, who lives on the river, said she has watched boats cause damage in past storms, and said "it's safest to take the boat out."


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