The Danversport Explosion: 5 Years Later

The Danversport Explosion was five years ago on November 22, 2006.

It was five years ago today, November 22, when the C.A.I. Inc. plant in Danversport exploded, leaving hundreds without homes, and putting Danvers in the national headlines.

The explosion, which the Boston Globe reported comparable to a 10-alarm fire, was deemed a "Thanksgiving miracle," having had no fatalities. Because the explosion occured in the early morning on Nov. 22, no one was inside of the plant at the time.

Still, more than two hundred and seventy local homes and businesses were either destroyed or damaged. One year after the explosion, in 2007, the Salem News reported that there were still 71 Danversport households displaced. The most damage was done on Riverside and Bates Streets, the side roads next to the plant.

Last year, , asphalt pouring, sidewalk paving, and fixing manhole grates and fire hydrants.

This past August, the United States Environmental Protection Agency reached a $1.3 million settlement with C.A.I. Inc.

The EPA said the $1.3 million will be a reimbursement for its $2.7 million in costs of cleaning up hazardous waste after the explosion. C.A.I. Inc. will also pay a penalty of $100,000 to settle allegations that conditions at the plant had violated the Clean Air Act, according to the EPA.

Share Your Story

Were you living in Danvers during the explosion? What was your first thought when it happened? Share your memories in the comments.

If you have photos from the explosion, upload them here, or email to molly.buccini@patch.com


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