Winner: Best Kids Spot in Town

Find out who won this week's Best Of Patch Readers' Choice competition.

With the highest combined score of reviews in our directory and poll votes,  was named the Best Of Readers' Choice winner for the . 

Endicott Park, located at 57 Forest St., received 67 percent of the vote.

Reader Michael Bourgault commented "Endicott Park is by far the best place to take kids.Excellent place to take kids to get them out of the house away from the TV & computers to enjoy fresh air, get some exercise & the great outdoors. Also may take them back into time when farms "ruled" in Danvers. I hung out there when I was growing up in Danvers & drove from Lynn to take my own kids to enjoy the area & get outside away from the city."

Check out this article's photo gallery to see various events held at Endicott Park from the last two years. 

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Next week, Danvers Patch is looking for the best liquor store in town. 

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