5 Things That Say Christmas in Danvers

When you think of Christmas in Danvers, what comes to mind?

When you think of Christmas in Danvers, what comes to mind?

With the help of our readers, we've compiled five things that say Christmastime in Danvers. Have one you'd like to add? Tell us in the comments.

1. "The of course!" Kendra Lee Combe Raymond

2. A Danvers memory from Patty Denneler FitzGerald:

I think of my Dad, Norris Denneler, "Buck." We moved to Bradley Rd in Danvers in 1962. Dad was never a big shot in town, just a hard working family man that gave his kids everything he had. Dad cleared the rocks from our yard with a crowbar, planted a lawn and ordered a dozen Blue Spruce trees to plant all around the house. They were just twigs when they arrived, my brother and I used to run around the house "jumping" over them. But Dad was raised on a farm and could grow anything. Sure enough, they all survived except one and that was because my cousin pulled it up thinking it was a big weed!

Well, years later, they towered over the house and the gardens Dad fed the neighborhood with. My Mother and he often talked about donating one to the town for use in the square during Christmas. But along came 5 grandchildren that played under those trees and the task was never done.

The year after my Mother passed away, Dad donated a tree to the town. I remember standing beneath it as Dad let the 5 grandchildren flip the switch that lit the tree in Grandmoms' memory. A few years later, we did it again! I still have the pictures.
Dad is gone now and the new owners have since removed all the Blue Spruce from the yard. I can't blame them, those "twigs" grew too tall, thanks to that farmboy!

So everytime I drive through the square and see the town Christmas tree, I think of the pride on my Fathers' face when his Grandchildren flipped that switch!

3. With the , Route 95, Route 1, and Route 128 () it's not a no-brainer that traffic comes to mind during Christmas. Endicott Street was even voted one of the worst traffic spots in Danvers, according to . 

4. The Elliott's home on Arthur Road: It's a Danvers sight-to-see during the holidays. about the good deeds behind their holiday lights, and the fun collaboration they have with the neighbors. Plus, the Elliott's are in the running for Danvers to win $100,000 for the Danvers Public Schools. Click here to vote for them.

5. Danvers has a great selection of food to choose from for the holidays. Whether you're or taking advice from our columnist Michelle, there are tons of local eats to take advantage of.


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