Ask the Local Experts: Fall Fashion Guide

What's "in" this fall? Find out from our local experts.

On Columbus Day weekend it was 80 degrees. This past Halloween weekend, it snowed like crazy.

We have to ask: where was fall during October?

Putting last month behind us, with the start of November, fall foliage at its peak, and the temperatures finally starting to feel like the crisp autumn weather we're used to in New England, it's an important time to make sure you're in on this year's fall fashion styles.

This week's Local Expert is Jeanne Hennessey, owner of . Hennessey recently traveled to New York City for fashion week, and came back with some tips for the ladies in town on staying up-to-date with the fall fashions.

Hennessey said these are a few trends that are very hot this fall and easy to infuse into your wardrobe:

  • Tights and textured hose are huge. Pair them with chunky heels or boots and instantly add texture and warmth to your outfit. They are the answer to what to where with this years so popular open toed shoes.
  • Wide-legged pants are back. Wear them with slim fitting top and high heels and the look is very feminine.
  • Earthy tones: rich browns, deep taupe and warm beige are the colors of the seasons.
  • Fur or faux fur vests are all the rage. You can wear them with jeans or add to a dress. Mix it up and make the loom your own.

also provided Danvers Patch with some fall style tips:

  • The new 9-to-5 Career look consists of wide leg pants, sheath dresses and bow-tie blouses.
  • 1960's Chic: From the casts of Pan-Am and Mad Men to real-life women, this era's style has captured the attention of today‚Äôs top fashionistas.
  • Proportion is key - Ponchos, billowy blouses, streamlined skirts and maxi lengths are all great looks for fall, if you master their proportions! Make sure you nail a look that's complementary to your figure and to the occasion.

Have a tip you'd like to add? Share it in the comments.


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