Christmas in Danvers: 1981

Christmas 1981 in Danvers: Cheer up Santa and spend, spend, spend.

Have you ever stopped to think about how Christmas has changed over the years?

Unless you have the incredible hindsight of columnist Laura Hinds, sometimes it's hard to remember what past Christmases looked, felt, and even smelled like.

So, for the week leading up to Christmas, we've done our research and are providing a daily look back at what Christmas in Onion Town was like, starting with sixty years ago, 1951, and ending with twenty years ago, 1991.

In the meantime, we want you to tell us what your favorite memories of Christmas in Danvers are. A ? The best present you ever received (or gave?) Let us know in the comments.

This Week in Danvers History: Christmas 1981

  • The stores in Danvers said their Christmas trend was "spend, spend, spend." Some of the most popular items noted were glittery, metallic, and shiny velour tops for women, and for men, corduroy pants.
  • Lots of snow in the beginning of the winter season also made for winter coats, jackets and heavy warm sweaters being hot commodities. Many stores admitting selling out and having to restock.
  • The students hosted a holiday play for the public called "Cheer Up Santa." The musical's theme was Santa loosing his Christmas spirit, and Mrs. Claus and the elves having to help him get it back.
  • The Danvers 1981 Christmas Tree in the Square was donated by Donald Reynolds of 11 Prince Street. 
  • "For joyous sights and sounds the whole year long, gift the gift of home video," said the advertisement from Home Video Center in Peabody. Their specials included a Panasonic Video Cassette recorder for $599k a Panasonic Video Cassette Record and Tuner Timer for $1129, and a Compant Color Video Sound Camera for $599.

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