Do You Remember? 1969 in Danvers

Find out what was happening this week in Danvers in the late1960's.

We can easily find out what was making the national headlines this week in world history.

But what about the important things happening this week in Danvers history?

Here are some fun tidbits of information from back in the day, found in the archives at the . Let us know if you remember any of them, or feel free to share what your life was like back in the 60's in town.


The town's drug commission was proposing a program of drug education that would reach down into the elementary school system, as low as first grade, in hopes that "when a youngster is offered that first joint, heis able to make the right decision for himself," a school psychologist said.

The student editors of the high school newspaper "the Holten" attended School Committee meetings after a "harsh" letter, in which they described the school as an "8 to 2 prison." After attending meetings and working with the committee, they conceded their editorial was too harsh, and rated the school as a "A-." The high school's principal wrote a Letter to the Editor addressing student concerns in the Holten's newspaper.

Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream Store celebrated its opening in Danvers Square this week in 1969. The 2 High Street location boasted specials for the opening weekend, including hot fudge sundaes for .37, and .10 cones.

A 12-year-old Danvers resident presented a petition to Town Hall, urging Selectmen not to adopt a leash law. "We the undersigned dog lovers," the document stated, " respectfully petition the officials of the town of Danvers not to impose this law on our friends." Meanwhile, a petition with more than 1,000 signatures was circulating around town to impose a leash law. Two years earlier, the same proposal had gone before Town Meeting, but was shut down.

Dennis Bourgault May 03, 2012 at 05:07 PM
That's our dog! Sam! 19 Walnut Street, Danvers. Dennis Bourgault
Michael J Bourgault May 04, 2012 at 12:20 PM
No matter if Danvers had a leash law or not, Sam (our dog pictured here) would still run out the front door to roam the streets of "Muddy Boo" to visit his girl friends (S).
Dennis Bourgault May 04, 2012 at 02:19 PM
And McDonald's!


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