VOTE: 5 Reasons to Participate in our Deck the House Contest

Five reasons to vote for Danvers to win $100,000.

Still not convinced to vote in Patch's ? Here are five reasons why we think you need to vote.

1. It's $100,000! The and are working tirelessly to raise money for our schools. This is a fun way to help out the cause.

2. It's easy: Head over to deckthehouse.patch.com and vote away. Everyone can vote once a day, and you can log in easily with your Facebook account. Plus, once you vote you have the opportunity to share it on your Facebook wall.

3. It's for our kids: If our town wins — our students win! Whether you have a student in the system, or simply want to give back to the kids in town, this is your chance.

4. The Elliott Family's Mission is Impressive: Did you know the Elliott's hosted a this holiday season to raise funds for the Boston Children's Hospital? We're so appreciative of their efforts, and they deserve to be recognized. 

5. We have a great shot: The contest started out with a 1 in 860 chance, and it has narrowed down to 1 in 24. We have a great shot. Let's win this! 

Click here to vote.


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