Danvers Archives: 6 Decades of Thanksgivings

A look back at the last six decades of Thanksgivings in Danvers.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that hasn't changed much over the years: turkey, football, and family remain the dominating factors of the day.

But, things like prices and Black Friday specials have certainly changed over the time, so we thought it would be fun to look back and reflect on the changes in Danvers on Thanksgiving over the span of the last six decades.

With the help of the's archives, here is a walk down memory lane. Be sure to let us know if you remember any of these old spots in town, or what your favorite Thanksgiving memories are from town.


  • TURKEY: The week before thanksgiving offered an enamelled steel self-basting roaster, large enough for a 16 pound turkey, at just $1.69. After that week, the price went back up to its original $2.69
  • FOOTBALL: The Winthrop Gridmen hosted in their Thanksgiving game, with their Falcons season before the matchup at 6-3. Winthrop "steamrolled" Danvers, 25-19.
  • SPECIALS: At Almy's, Thanksgiving Table flower decorations were on sale for 2.49. Armand's Delicatessen advertised their pies with, "Buy today and save embarrassment for the Most Important Meal of the year." Their choices ranged from mince, pumpkin, apple, squash, and berry.


  • TURKEY: New England Food Fair Supermarkets offered a special before Thanksgiving: for $3 the chefs would roast and stuff your turkey, along with an ample supply of gravy.
  • FOOTBALL: The Danvers-Winthrop Turkey Game was "tilted to be close," held at the on Thanksgiving, with Danvers 4-2 in the season and Winthrop 2-4. DHS was victorious 14-6. Football players of the week, Robert Davis and Michael Rollins, each received a free pair of shoes through the courtesy of Rozanne Shoes on 16 Elm St.
  • SPECIALS: Elegant Metal Christmas Trees were on sale at for prices ranging $8.65 to $13.95. A "too good to miss" advertisement was from Getchell Motors on 95 High Street. They advertised new '61 Dodge V8's, ranging from $995 to $1275.


  • TURKEY: Finast was advertising Butterball turkeys for 55 cents a pound, Ballard crescent rolls for 4 for $1, as well as cranberry sauce 16 oz cans 5 for $1.
  • FOOTBALL: Danvers defeated Gloucester High 21-7 in their Thanksgiving Day battle.
  • SPECIALS: There was no place like C.F. Tompkins Co. for Christmas, they advertised. Agway, House of Christmas Values celebrated the season early with a sale. A 7-foot to the ceiling electrified Scotch pine tree was now described as "so realistic you can actually smell the pine." Their doll houses ran for about $5.98, and the Fisher Price play action garage was priced at $11.88. Harry's on 40 Main Street advertised their Christmas prices, with radios starting at $3.98, up to $39.95.


  • TURKEY: Danvers Star advertised Farm Fresh turkeys for 69 cents a pound. "Plump, succulent, farm-fresh turkeys from Star for your Thanksgiving dinner. Fresh means jucier, better tasting, more tender…naturally. All around better eating turkey, for your family. There's nothing better." 
  • FOOTBALL: The Falcons took on the Fishermen at Gloucester with a 4-6 record at the time.  Gloucester defeated Danvers 6-0.
  • SPECIALS: At Almy's, Thanksgiving sales included 50 percent off all regular prices on 14 and 18 karat gold jewelry.  At Beacon Carpets in Peabody sales started at 7.95 per sq. yard for carpets, with guaranteed delivery and installation before the holiday. Home Video Center in Peabody ran a special for "giving the gift of Home Video, with specials including a Quasar Recorder for $599, a Quasar Color Camera for $870, and a Quasar Portable Cassette Recorder and Tuner Timor for $1129.


  • TURKEY: was offering fresh turkey for .89 cents a pound. Turkey dinners at Jimmy's Allenhurst were $12.00 each, while the went for $6.99
  • FOOTBALL: The Gloucester Fishermen swamped Danvers 43-13, with Danvers finishing the season 4-7 overall.
  • SPECIALS: in Danvers had specials on poinsettias for 2.95, as well as balsam boughs for $2.95 a bunch. Sunline Pool and Patio offered Christmas Trees advertised at $79.95.


  • FOOTBALL: DHS was defeated by Gloucester 27-7. The Falcons had come back though, as in 2000, Gloucester had defeated Danvers 43-0.
  • SPECIALS: The Red Shed deemed itself Danvers' discount Holiday Headquarters, with trees, wreaths, and snow buddies. Santa's Favorite Stocking Stuffer: Anyone who purchased a gift certificate would receive 20 percent off between December 10 and December 13 from .


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