Elected Officials

When do we start to CORI (Criminal Background Check) people who want to run for Elected positions.  You can run for office from jail as Mayor Cianci (Providence RI) did; however, if Danvers Voters KNEW about the Criminal Activity of Elected Officials maybe they would not be so quick to vote for them.  Presently there are DUI offenses by our elected officials that are kept very quiet.  I am in favor of CORI's for ALL Town Officials.  That may take a few people OUT of the running.
Camille Freda January 22, 2014 at 12:03 PM
You can investigate that yourself....do your homework and do some digging. There are many surrounding communities whose elected officials are NOT the pillars of the community they appear to be. Some have been caught, prosecuted, and are in orange jump suits.....orange IS the new black. Others are still in office, not yet found out about....thus CORI people who want to run for office...just a little thing to do to keep our Government and those who run it in tact.


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