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A weekly recap of the conversations, poll results, and a Facebook page shout out.

Here at Danvers Patch we love social media because it helps us to figure out what you're most interested in, and it's one of the main ways we hear your feedback on what's going on. Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature that recaps some of the top stories that had you talking. 


  • This week we  Maria Catalano commented "I was there in 1989 with EAL , we worn our uniforms , carried signs with pride. The company lied then failed. I sympathy with these strikers and will NOT cross a picket line. Glen Barclay also commented, "Thanks for the story! Come down to 76 Ash St and talk to us..."

Poll Results

This week we asked readers about their 

The results are:

  • : 11 votes
  • : 9 votes
  • : 6 votes
  • : 3 votes
  • : 2 votes
  • , , , , , , : 1 vote

Have an idea for next week's poll topic? Let us know!

Facebook Page of the Week

We typically like to feature local businesses or people for our Facebook Page of the week--but this week, we want everyone to know about our new page: Massachusetts Remembers 9/11 | Patch.com

As said on the page, "As America reflects on the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, we create this space where Massachusetts residents can come together to remember those who died, thank our emergency responders and support those who survived."

This is a space for readers to come together to share information about memorials taking place, reflect on the day, and share your thoughts, support, and memories. 


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