Belmont Police Log: Grinch Breaks into Jewelers Christmas Morning

Incidents handled by the Belmont Police. Just because you're arrested doesn't mean you've been convicted of anything.

Assault by alcohol

Dec. 23 – In the pre-dawn hours of a Belmont morning, officers were called at 5 a.m. by a Hull Street resident after he said he was assaulted. But arriving patrolmen discovered very early on in their investigation that the caller was clearly in an intoxicated state and the alleged attack didn't actually occur. The officers did decide to take the resident into protective custody, for his own good.

Not that important

Dec. 23 –  Just before noon, a Lake Street resident arrived at the police station to file a complaint that someone had fraudulently been using his credit cards. But when an officer arrived to the front foyer to take the report, the man decided to leave.

Lock the front door? Why?

Christmas Eve – A Wilson Avenue couple were getting ready to wrap several gifts they purchased over the past month. But where was the $146 camera they bought two week's before and left on the bookcase for "safe" keeping? And while they were looking for the gift, where was their Kindle Fire e-reader? As the officers were filling out the report, the couple said the only time they were not in the house was for a short trip on Dec. 18 and 19. And, um, they tend to keep the front door unlocked while traveling. Never thought someone would just walk in and take Christmas presents. 

You're a mean one

Christmas – Clifton Pinion of 990 Salem St. over in Lynnfield, decided to play the Grinch to one Trapelo Road jeweler on Christmas morning. While everyone down in Belmont lay a-snoozing, Pinion was gaining access to the jewelry store and it was not through the chimney. And around 3 a.m., as Santy Clause was delivering presents to good little boys and girls, Pinion was filling his sack with a "good amount" of precious stones. Before officers arrived, Pinion packed up his bag and sped away. But it didn't take long for Belmont Police, with the help from several sources, to catch up with Pinion on the next day. And how appropriate that on Boxing Day – which is Dec. 26 – Pinion would find himself in his own box, a jail cell. He's being charged with felony breaking and entering – it happened at night – and several counts of larceny. 


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