Injured Goose Rescued From Frozen Pond

An injured goose was rescued off the ice at Mill Pond on Monday afternoon.

Danvers firefighters helped rescue a Canadian goose from a frozen Mill Pond on Monday, getting it safely taken to Danvers Animal Hospital for care.

The rescue took place off Pond Street near Peabody Institute Library at about 4 p.m.

A passer-by thought that the goose was stuck in the ice and called the Fire Department. Firefighters arrived to find that the goose was not stuck in the ice on the frozen pond.

"It wasn't stuck at all, but it was injured," said firefighter David Mondi.

Firefighters crawled out to the goose and "coaxed it in," Mondi said.

The goose had an injured wing and "obviously couldn't fly."

Nobody could be reached immediately at Danvers Animal Hospital on Monday evening to get an update on the goose's injuries.


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