Police Issue Warning on Commercial Vehicle Break-ins

Police are warning commercial truck owners to secure valuable items.

The Danvers Police Department issued a warning on its Facebook page Monday to the owners of commercial vehicles.

There have been four reported break-ins in Danvers during the past two weeks where commercial vehicles were targeted, police said in its alert posted at 3:03 p.m. on Monday. Police said burglars targeted a box truck, a plumber’s van and two construction trucks - all during overnight hours.

Tools, copper wire, aluminum pipes and other scrap metal has been stolen, according to police.

While police did not say where the thefts occurred in Monday's alert, according to recent activity logs one theft occurred on Garden Street and another on Holten Street. It was not clear where the others occurred.

"Individuals owning or operating commercial vehicles are encouraged to remove such items from their vehicles and properly secure their vehicles, especially during the overnight hours," police said in its alert.


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