Recent Crime Statistics in Danvers

A look back at the crime totals and trends in Danvers during October and November 2011.

The presented a trend and crime totals report for the months of October and November 2011 in the quarterly edition of the Defender, the department's newsletter.

Crime Totals

Incident Type Oct. & Nov. 2011 #'s Usual Range Robbery 2 1-3 Agg. Assault 5 3-7 Simple Assault 20 21-31 Housebreaks 7 3-11 Comm. Break 4 3-10 Theft from MV 34 30-52 Shoplifting 57 30-64 Auto Theft 5 3-9 Fraud/Forgery 18 19-25 Vandalism 38 42-62 Drugs 5 10-14 Disorderly 16 14-34 Noise Complaints 59 47-65 False Alarms 40 44-66 MV Accidents 211 190-244

Recent Trends

Incident Type Usual Range Oct. & Nov 2011 Notes Receiving Stolen Property 1-3 6 Detectives have located property related to multiple housebreaks at pawn shops. Also a stolen vehicle/plates were recovered. Violation of RO 2-7 8 Only one repeat offender. Vandalism 42-62 38 Down 27%. Very few graffiti. No patterns. Drugs 10-14 5 Down 59% when compared to average.

While many of the recent trends suggest a consistency or decrease in crime, the town experienced the . Stephen Anastasi, 24, of Danvers, was charged with the murder of his father, and is currently being held without bail. His next court date is Wednesday, December 14.

The tables were compiled by Danvers Police Public Safety Analyst Sarah Slavin.


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