Revere Men Try to Steal Metal for Scrap from Abandoned Building

Police arrested two Revere men on Wednesday just before noon as the pair was reporteldy in the process of removing metal from inside the former Rio Grande Restaurant. They intended to sell the metal to scrap yards, police said.

Danvers police arrested two Revere men who were found scavenging metal from an abandoned building on Route 114 near the Middleton town line Wednesday morning.

David Mellen, 22, of 28 Dedham St., Revere, and Michael Trainito, 20, of 102 Campbell Ave., Revere, were both charged with breaking and entering for a felony, trespassing and possession of a burglary tool.

Officers responded to the former Rio Grande Restaurant at 356 Andover St. at 11:52 a.m. Wednesday after police received a phone call from a person who reported hearing loud noises at the building. Suspecting a potential breaking and entering in progress, officers spotted a green pickup truck parked in the lot next to the building and heard loud noises coming from the roof.

The restaurant closed several years ago and the property was slated for redevelopment as condominiums until the economy soured.

Police Capt. Patrick Ambrose said the officers spotted Mellen and Trainito on the roof using a power saw to cut pieces of metal, including radiators, and ordered the men to come down. After confronting the pair, the officers determined the men were removing metal from inside the building and intended to sell the material to scrap yards.

Both men were arraigned on the aforementioned charges Thursday morning in district court.

A similar instance of scavenging occurred in December when a Peabody man on Route 1 to remove copper from the building. Although the interesting twist in that incident was that the 28-year-old told police he thought it was OK to take the copper since it was an abandoned building.


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