Brush Pickup and Disposal After Storm

Wondering what to do with the debris in your yard? Find out here.

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As a result of Sunday’s storm, the Town of Danvers canvassed the streets on Monday morning to pick up any debris that had fallen in the streets or was moved curbside from the streets. 

The town will continue to collect this roadside debris until Wednesday in town trucks which have limited capacity. 

Please place debris that has fallen in the streets curbside – no yard waste or limbs that have fallen on your personal property will be accepted during this pickup because it is not a full yard waste pickup conducted by JRM. 

Our next yard waste pickup is scheduled for the week of September 11 – your personal yard debris from the storm, as well as any additional yard waste, may be placed curbside for pickup during that week on your trash day. 

In addition, the town will be opening the this Saturday, September 3, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for Danvers residents only (no commercial vehicles) for disposal of brush.  No sticker or fee will be required.

The usual limitations on brush will apply - no limbs with a diameter greater than 4” and nothing longer than 8’.


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