CHART: Danvers Town Committee Voting Results

A breakdown of how Danvers voted on Super Tuesday's town committee election.

Here's a look at the Danvers Town Committee election results.

Because of the precinct changes with population increase, as result of the 2010 census, the number of voting town meeting members will rise to 149.

The town's election in May will be the first with the , Marquis said.

Democratic Party
Total Group (Person opted to select all candidates) 204 Marilyn E Hazel 248 Laurel J. Chernoff 227 Frances Fratus 231 John W. Fratus 233 James E. Mitchell 218 Thomas F. Meagher 217 Julie E. Curtis 244 Mary K. Condon 231 Joan M. George 289 Elaine M. Hegan 228 Nestor Grulon 212 Patrick E. Rosenheim 216 Sally P. Kerans 320 Richard E. Caldarone 247 Paul Pawlak, Jr. 237 Beatrix M. Clark 226 Gerald A. Clark 219 Deodato M. Arruda 217 Theodore C. Speliotis 375 Sue Ellen Rogal 237 Write Ins 19 Blanks 0 Total 4891


Republican Party
Total Group 864 Daniel C. Bennett 1355 William K. Faircloth, Jr. 939 Jane H. Dean 978 Eleanor M. Hersey 1007 Eleanor F. Ross 1003 Richard S. Gilmore 1106 Wilbur S. Cobb 997 Janice R. Tipert 1027 Katherine Ann Nieskoski 941 Dennis E. Niekoski 922 Keith G. Lucy 1184 Christopher Falling 2092 Walter H. Tipert, III 1122 Christen Barton Tipert 995 T. Frank Tyrrell, Jr. 1047 Wayne A. Comeau 1098 Frank C. Herschede 925 Lisa M. Wood 998 Sonya M. Shaffaval 2036 Jane Marie Rizzotti 946 Bruce P. Eaton 1072 Kenneth W. Brown 1074 Victor A. Fanikos 968 All Others 40 Blanks 0 Total 25872
M. M. March 09, 2012 at 01:09 PM
thank you for posting results


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