Dog Park Approved By Selectmen For Endicott Park

A dog park is officially in the works at Endicott Park after Selectmen unanimously approved its endorsement at last night's Board of Selectmen meeting.

Selectmen voted unanimously to endorse the planning for a dog park at at last night's Board of Selectmen Meeting. 

The concept for a dog park was designed by the Friends of Danvers Dog Park Committee, and was . At the time the selectmen unanimously voted to support the committee's request to look into various locations for the park. 

At last night's meeting, Recreation Director Dave Mountain said after receiving the Selectmen's approval the committee toured three possible locations for a park: , , or the land beside . 

The committee unanimously decided at their May meeting to endorse the Endicott Park site, specifically in the upper parking area adjacent to Dean's Lane. This area is approximately 1 acre of partially wooded, partially cleared land.

According to Mountain, the main benefit at Endicott Park is the staff  that will be able to monitor the ongoings at the park, which the other locations did not provide. "They have certain police powers, first aid, CPR and first responders," he said. 

Other benefits of this location included its low effect the surrounding neighborhoods, parking accessibility, and the fact that dogs are already a key element at the park. "Endicott Park has hundreds of dog walkers," Mountain said. "this would compliment that use."

Selectman William Clark noted that Danvers is one of a few towns in the area that does not have a dog park, and with thousands of dog owners in the community, it is very important to have. Michael Powers questioned the parking and accessibility of the location, but Mountain said there is potential intent to build a small parking area off of the playground for additional, closer parking. 

$40,000 in funding will be needed for the dog park, and Mountain said "the committee is anxiously waiting to go out and fundraise." 

Pat July 03, 2011 at 12:03 PM
Yeah! I love this idea and location. Is there any possibility of having a separate area for small dogs? I find they are very vulnerable in dog parks. Can't wait to go there!


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