DPW Asks Residents to Keep Streets, Sidewalks Clear for Winter Season and Snow Plowing

The Danvers DPW reminds residents about clearing snow and other obstacles from streets and sidewalks near their property to aid town plowing operations. The DPW has some home heating tips as well.

With the first snow on the ground and more predicted to come later this week, the Danvers Public Works Department has a few reminders for residents to aid the town with snow removal operations.

  • Remove basketball hoop assemblies from the street and take down hoops or other items attached to town utility poles so they won't be damaged during plowing or bad storms.
  • When you are out shoveling your driveway and sidewalk, remember to clear snow from fire hydrants and catch basins next to your property – and clear a path to the water/electric meter!
  • Under town ordinances, it is a property owner's responsibility to keep his or her sidewalk clear of obstacles. In addition to removing snow and ice, that includes pruning plants and trees to allow unhindered public passage.

On the home energy front, the town is offering free Home Energy Audits to residents to see how efficient their utilities are running and where all the heat is going. Call Energy New England at 888-772-4242 to schedule an audit.

One recommendation from the DPW is to make sure your home is well insulated, which cuts down on drafts and keeps the heat inside where it belongs.

The DPW also suggests that if you haven't had your burner cleaned this year, a tune-up may be in order; it helps your heating system run efficiently and keeps it in good working order.


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