Drought Conditions Declared, Outdoor Water Use Banned

Danvers is at Level Six meaning that all outdoor water use is now prohibited while work is completed on the water treatment plant during the month of Octoberr..

Danvers moved to Level 6 drought conditions on Thursday, meaning no outdoor water use is allowed at any time.

The ban extends to sprinklers, irrigation systems and hand watering with hoses or cans. In addition, filling swimming pools and washing of cars is not permitted.

These restrictions are from the shutdown and ongoing construction at the Water Treatment Plant, according to an announcement fom the the Danvers Department of Public Works on Thursday.  The restriction is expected to last for about 45 days before the treatment plant will return to normal operation.

The Vernon C. Russell Water Treatment Plant is the primary drinking water source for the towns of Danvers, plus Middleton.  

The project is expected to improve water quality and allow the facility to meet drinking water regulatory requirements over the next 20 years. It will also improve the effectiveness of the water treatment.

The water treatment plant will be shut down for the month of October as a planned part of the construction project. Danvers will use its wells plus purchase additional water from the Salem-Beverly Water Supply Board during this shutdown period.

“Permission to use the wells was granted to the town by the (state) Department of Environmental Protection with the condition that we implement Outdoor Water Restriction Level 6, which allows no outdoor water use,” said Robert Lee, Director of Operations for the Danvers Department of Public Works in a written announcement of the restrictions on Thursday. “Customer compliance with this total outdoor watering ban will be necessary during this period to meet demand.”

The DPW is asking water customers to minimize water consumption as much as possible in October. In addition to no outdoor water use, they are asking water customers to reduce household water use during October "to reduce the strain on the water system."

Town officials say the restrictions will be enforced.

“The Police will be assisting us as well as our own DPW crews who are around town all day,” said DPW Director David Lane. Violators could face a fine.

DPW officials said that they will appreciate the support of water customers during this construction.

“Please do your part: turn off your sprinklers, run only full loads of laundry or dishes, shut the water off when you brush your teeth and shave, etc.," said Lane in in the announcement. "These are just a few tips. I am sure you can think of other ways to help save water. The town thanks all of you for helping.” 

For more information, please contact the Danvers Department of Public Works at  978-777-0001 x3011.

priscilla herrick` September 28, 2012 at 05:12 PM
The rain came just in time to fill the birdbath.
Yoshi Nakazuma September 29, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Climate change changes the land. We will be forced to stop raising meat, because they consume so much more water. Instead, soon we will all become vegetarians and water drinkers. We will no longer drink sugar water, because we cannot dehydrate ourselves.


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